Ireland Part 1

Now back to travel writing. I had decided in March that I wanted to get a master’s degree overseas. I applied to schools in Ireland, Scotland and England. Out of the five schools that I applied to, I got into four; Two in England, one in Scotland and one in Ireland. It was a very... Continue Reading →

The Cookie Dough Craze

  When you’re making cookies, it is always tempting to grab one or more of the balls of cookie dough laid out on the tray. You know it’s bad for you, but if you’re anything like me you grab a few any way. Well, there is a new shop in New York City that has... Continue Reading →

Visit in NJ

I’m writing this as I am flying to see my family in Northern part of the USA, and relax for a little before going back to ECU to start my junior year. It’s been an incredible summer. Even though most of my time was taken up by school, I still had plenty of time to... Continue Reading →

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