Visit in NJ

I’m writing this as I am flying to see my family in Northern part of the USA, and relax for a little before going back to ECU to start my junior year. It’s been an incredible summer. Even though most of my time was taken up by school, I still had plenty of time to spend with my friends. After some changes in my class schedule in Second Summer Session, I could book tickets and go see Katie in NJ. It’s always fun to go there, I love her family, and it’s never a dull moment with Katie, she’s my partner in crime.

On July 21st, fortunate enough after a delayed flight, I flew out to NJ, and within couple hours I was there. Katie and her mom picked me up from the airport and it’s known we don’t waste time, so we got dressed up, and went out to get dinner at Egan’s, a bar/restaurant place in Montclair. I loved it. We stayed there till closing time.

Next morning, we were off to Katie’s family’s beach house in Long Beach Island. After some little incidents, we were at the house. Oh, what a place. I have always loved beach towns, I find them very relaxing, I guess most people do. That’s my kind of place. Katie made me try her favorite donut, and sure enough I can say it’s also my favorite now. Later, we went to the beach, spent a couple hours there. The water was very warm, and I got to enjoy New Jersey waves, nothing like we have at home in our little Baltic sea. We headed back to the house after well spent time at the beach. Enjoyed conversations with Katie’s family, and got to show how fun I am, playing games. It’s amazing how ‘’athletic’’ I felt, but you can’t be good at everything, right? After having dinner, we went to play putt putt.  We did have a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, we had to leave LBI the next morning, but that afternoon we got to spend time at Katie’s hometown, Montclair, which I absolutely adore. If you have watched ‘’Gilmore girls’’, I see some similarities to their town. We all know New York’s pizza is the best, and I don’t have any doubt about that, so we got pizza for lunch at a local Italian pizza restaurant (Mr. Dinos), and afterwards checked out a bookstore (my favorite). A tiny bookstore, Watchung Book Sellers, with tons of stories hanging in books. That evening Katie’s parents cooked a very delicious salmon, a restaurant served at home.

Monday morning didn’t look too promising, it was raining all morning long, and it didn’t look like our plan of going to NYC would happen. Fortunately, it stopped raining, and we were on our way to the City, it’s only about 15min from Katie’s house. And while we’re driving, the view of NYC was in front of us, such an incredible feeling. I cannot imagine myself living in NYC, maybe because I’m not really coming from a big place, and maybe because the City never sleeps and is too noisy, but I do like to visit it. This time Katie and her dad were showing me around Greenwich Village. My new favorite part, and Wall Street moves to the second place. We walked around for quite a bit, saw NYU, and its art faculty, the quietest place in NYC. We also went to Washington mews, it looked so European, and it’s most certainly the place that moved the Village to top of my list. Such a pretty, little street. Katie’s dad showed us apartment buildings he used to live in, and sketched a little view of how it looked then. Some places are the same, and some have changed. I like the apartment buildings there a lot, they’re not modern at all, but they just make the place look cool. After some walking, we got lunch at a real Japanese restaurant. My visit at NYC was coming to an end. We drove back to the house. Katie’s dad made us another great dinner with steak. And as always, this time wasn’t an exception of a great conversation. Time flew by… unfortunately. And that was a great last evening, us Latvians say ‘’a point on i’’, which describes an excellence of something.

I do wish I had more time to stay in NJ and hang out with Katie since she is moving to Ireland, but everything comes to an end, and so did my stay. We had a longer breakfast that Tuesday morning, and I was ready to leave for the airport. I can’t really say I was ready, when I wish I could have stayed a little longer. But I know this wasn’t my last visit, and I also know I’m seeing my partner in crime in a little bit. I’m very thankful for Katie and her family, it’s always a fantastic time with them.

Heads up for next adventures!



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